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Magnificent Year-End at Gleis1

(rj) According to Andreas Keller from the "Culture at the Track" association, last year saw 46 events with more than 2000 attendees take the mini stage at Track1. With a fiery double concert, Chris Conz and his two fellow players Duke Seidmann and Mario Von Holten rounded off the 2023 annual program just before Christmas.

As the reserved seats for the concert on December 19th were quickly taken, Chris Conz spontaneously agreed to give an additional concert the following evening. Thus, each time, 40 to 50 jazz enthusiasts had the opportunity to enjoy Boogie, Blues, and Rock at its finest in a family-like atmosphere. This demonstrates how much the internationally known Boogie-Woogie pianist Chris Conz from Uster is appreciated. With his passion for this lively music genre from the 1920s to the 1950s, he represents these authentic jazz forms today with astonishing dexterity, with which he once again thrilled his audience.

The Drummer

Serving as the rhythm giver was Mario Von Holten, an old friend of Conz, whose precise and passionate play gave the performance of the trio Conz, Von Holten, and Seidmann a pulsating, dynamic foundation. Von Holten proved his skills several times with fiery solos. The Zurich native plays in various band formations and can be found all over Switzerland. He currently teaches his subject at the Zurich Conservatory of Music, the Kantonsschule Zürcher Oberland, and the Gymnasium Unterstrass in Zurich.

The Showman

The third in the group, Duke Seidmann, not only demonstrated his skills as a tenor saxophonist but also as a singer. With his fresh humor and his rough voice, he had the audience in his grip from the start. A showman stood on stage, which benefited the living room atmosphere of Track1. The constant switching between playing, singing, and quips contributed to the good mood. According to his own statements, Seidmann's great love is the intersection between Jazz and Blues. Two of his role models are Ben Webster and Lester Young.

The Magical Power

Boogie-Woogie has an almost magical power. After the first chorus at the latest, even otherwise reserved listeners often warm up. Jazz music can hardly be more infectious. The Boogie mood arises from the enchanting mix of power, swing, and freshness, very rhythmic, forward-moving, and sharply accentuated, now and then dreamy, melancholic, but never kitschy or sentimental. The three musicians visibly enjoyed performing so close to the audience and not being blinded by strong stage lights. Thus, they also engaged in a musical dialogue with the enthusiastic audience. This culminated, among other things, in a humorous clapping workshop, which included the "clapping" rhythm in Boogie and Blues. The attendees were happy to participate and thus became part of the band.

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