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An Earthquake of a different kind

Boogie-Woogie Pianist, Chris Conz am Klavier
Boogie-Woogie pianist, Chris Conz at the piano

FULL-REUENTHAL (hjm)—On Wednesday, the Erdmanndli Association invited to a boogie-woogie, blues, and jazz evening. After a fine Pouletflügeli meal, the audience - as announced - expected world class in the small village of Full: Chris Conz, a virtuoso Swiss piano artist from Uster, honored the Erdmanndli House. Chris Conz has already won many awards such as the Kleinen Prix Walo or the Swiss Jazz Award and has played with many greats from this genre at festivals all over the world. Chris Conz loves the close connection to the audience. In Full, the spark flew from the first sounds to the audience. He not only enthralled with his finger dexterity on the piano, but also made the attendees laugh with his witty comments. After the break, the listeners could even request pieces that he played without any notes. After enthusiastic applause, one of the last very well-known pieces was "Summertime." The well-attended Erdmanndli House was shaking with excitement, so the musician had to give several encores. The Erdmanndli House in the rooms of the former Volg was founded by a group of interests in January 2021 and serves as a meeting place for the Fullers and local associations in the absence of a restaurant. So on Thursday and Friday, interested parties can linger over coffee or Fyrobig beer during conversations. A Friday dinner expands the offering. The offerings and dates are published on The rooms can also be rented for private events, exhibitions, and courses.

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