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A Great Artist at Erdmanndli-Huus

Chris Conz, a virtuoso Swiss pianist, enchanted his audience at Erdmanndli-Huus for the second time on Wednesday. Just like a year ago, he swept his audience off their feet again this time. He entertained with lively Blues, Jazz, Boogie-Woogie, and his distinct charm. One could feel how much he enjoyed the closeness of the audience.

The audience also had the opportunity to make music requests, and Chris Conz fulfilled them in his very own style. Over 70 guests found their way to Full into Erdmanndli-Huus and experienced a very entertaining and varied evening. The Erdmanndli team ensured the well-being of the guests, the cook conjured up fine saffron and porcini risotto on the table, which was very well received. Drinks could be obtained from the self-service bistro.

The event in this frame was possible thanks to a contribution from KKL sponsoring, heartfelt thanks. The Erdmanndli team also thanks Chris Conz and the loyal crowd of guests and is already looking forward to welcoming some of them at one of the next events in the public bistro.

There is always something going on in Erdmanndli-Huus, outside of the official opening hours there will soon be more events, such as a Jass/Dog game evening on September 20th, from 7:30 pm, a dance afternoon on November 12th, another Jass/Dog game evening on November 22nd, and the Christmas market on November 25th.

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