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Chris Conz, Boogie-Woogie, Blues & Jazz Piano

2017 - German Boogie Woogie Award - Piano player of the year

2013 - Swiss Jazz Award

2011 - Kleiner Prix Walo

Schweizer Boogie-Woogie, Blues & Jazz Pianist Chris Conz

With his passion for this special genre Chris Conz represents the authentic jazz, boogie-woogie and blues of the 30's live - as piano soloist or with his award-winning Chris Conz Trio at international concerts, private performances and festivals.

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The "International Boogie Nights by Chris Conz" is one of the largest genre platforms worldwide and rocks on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube with videos, Boogie rarities, sessions, information, and news about world-renowned Boogie-Woogie pianists, entertainers, and musicians. "International Boogie Nights" also scouts talented up-and-coming Boogie artists and puts them in the spotlight.

The festival of the same name, dedicated to Piano Boogie-Woogie, blues, and swing jazz, takes place in three cities: Uster, Thun, and Chur. Once again, this year will feature internationally acclaimed pianists and Boogie legends.

The man behind the International Boogie Nights.

International Boogie Nights by Chris Conz
Chris Conz, der Moderator des "International Boogie Nights by Chris Conz" Festivals in Uster
Chris Conz begeistert das Publikum mit seiner Leidenschaft für Boogie-Woogie, Blues und Jazz am Klavier

"Boogie-woogie has almost magical power. Even a reserved audience thaws at the latest after the first chorus. Piano music can hardly be more contagious. Boogie mood is created by the unique mixture of power, swing, freshness and blues, very rhythmic, directed forward and sharply accentuated, dreamy in between - melancholic, but never kitschy or sentimental".

— Chris Conz, 2019

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