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Chris Conz was born on October 22, 1985 in Uster, Zurich.


From the time he was 11 he has dedicated himself to the special jazz style of boogie woogie, which he discovered through Hamp Ruosch. Chris took lessons from Hamp, from whom he learned his first runs and patterns. In the process, he became influenced early on by musicians like Albert Ammons, Pete Johnson, Meade “Lux” Lewis, Axel Zwingenberger, and Vince Weber.


At age 16 he met Silvan Zingg, organizer of the International Boogie Festival, and soon Chris was making appearances as a surprise guest at Silvan’s festivals. After that he was invited to international festivals in different countries, sharing the stage with boogie woogie greats like Axel Zwingenberger, Vince Weber, Frank Muschalle, Bob Seeley.


Today Chris is not only a solo pianist, but on the road with his duo and trio as well. Already, he has been able to play for private and public concerts in the USA, Spain, France, Germany, England, Austria, Italy, United Arabic Emirates and Switzerland. In February 2008 Chris had the opportunity to perform as a surprise guest in three different casinos in Las Vegas.


In November 2004 Dave Ruosch left the group, Terry & the Hot Sox, and 19-year-old Chris took his place. Terry & The Hot Sox are the most popular and successful jive, swing, and R&R musicians in Switzerland and guarantee an ideal party atmosphere.


In June 2009 Chris, along with Terry & The Hot Sox, accompanied the American singer, Wanda Jackson, who became worldfamous in the 1960s because of her hit, “Let’s Have A Party.”


In August 2011 the Chris Conz Duo was invited to perform in the United Arab Emirates. There they played for ten days at the International Film Festival Abu Dhabi. In the same year, Chris and his trio won the “Kleiner Prix Walo” in the „Best New Talent Band 2011“ category. The Prix Walo is the most important award in Swiss show business, and is regarded as the „Swiss Oscar.“


Since 2011, Chris has also been active as a presenter, organizing an annual International Boogie Nights in Uster, Switzerland.


Musicla Career



  • Australia-Tour with Chris Conz Trio. Concerts at the Jazzclub "The Ellington Jazz Club Perth" and "Perth Blues Club".


  • 13. Schl8hof-Bluesfestival, Wels, Austria, with Martin Pyrker

  • 26. International Jazz & Blues Festival Zurich with Ray Fein and friends.

  • The Chris Conz Trio played at the great Jazzfestival JazzAscona.

  • Master of Boogie Woogie in Holzwickede, Germany with Jörg Hegemann

  • Blues & Boogie Summer Night Munich, Germany with Martin Schmitt, Christoph Steinbach andAnke Angel

  • The 15th Annual Blues & Boogie Piano Summit Cincinnati (USA), with Ricky Nye, Chase Garrett and Luca Sestak

  • 30-minutes TV report about Chris Conz Trio and his festival International Boogie Nights Uster on Tele Top.

  • «Piano Off-Stage», Opening at KKL Lucerne


  • The Chris Conz Trio wins the music award "Swiss Jazz Award 2013".

  • 4ème International Festival de Boogie Woogie Cambrai, France with Renaud Patigny (B), Lasse Jensen (DK) and more.

  • Tour with Silvan Zingg (CH) – “Boogie Woogie Made In Switzerland”

  • Internationaal Heineken Boogie & Blues Festival Netherlands

  • JazzAscona with Chris Conz Trio

  • International Boogie-Woogie and Blues Festival in Kitzbühel, Austria

  • USA-Tour, concerts in New York, Iowa and at the International Boogie Festival Cincinnati.


  • Numerous concert with the Chris Conz Trio at various Jazz- and Bluesclubs of Switzerland

  • Rock’n’Roll Night with Terry & The Hot Sox and Bill Haley’s Original Comets

  • 3. BODENSEE BOOGIE FESTIVAL: „SHAKE THE SHIP“ – with Richie Loidl (A), Steve Clayton (UK) u.v.m.

  • Showact at the TV-Show Prix Walo with Chris Conz Trio

  • Published a new Album "The Krug Session" together with Stefan Ulbricht (D), Daniel Paterok (D) and Moritz Schlömer (D). Recorded live in Germany.

  • Germany-Tour and CD-Promotion-Tour with new program "The Krug Session"

  • Blues’n’Jazz Rapperswil, with Gary Scott (The Royal Rhythms). Sessions with Popa Chubby, Nigel Kennedy und Beverley Knight.

  • International Boogie-Woogie Festival France (Laroquebrou) with Stephanie Trick, Axel Zwingenberger and more.

  • Organized the „2nd International Boogie Night Uster“. Sold out with over 600 guests.

  • 7. Beaune Blues & Boogie Festival France with Jean-Pierre Bertrand and more.

  • 1. Boogie Night Kaiserslautern, Germany


  • The Chris Conz Duo at International Film Festival Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

  • Organized first international Boogie Night Uster, which was completely sold out.

  • Winner of the „KLEINER PRIX WALO - 2011“ in the Band division.nd.

  • Germany Tour - Chris Conz solo



  • Jazz Festival Sargans with Silvan Zingg and the world champions of Boogie Woogie dancing.

  • USA-Tour with Stephanie Trick, et al. Performance in a notable jazz club in San Diego.

  • Recording of new album „drivin‘ the boogie“ with his trio.



  • Accompanies Wanda Jackson at int. Country & Trucker Festival together with Terry & The Hot Sox

  • Int. Blues & Boogie Reunion - Barcelona, Spain. With Lluis Coloma, Ricky Nye and Fabrice Eulry

  • Boogie Woogie & Blues Night with Axel Zwingenberger and the Piano Brothers

  • Boogie Woogie & Blues Night, Zurich – together with Frank Muschalle Trio


  • Music Night Tenero with Silvan Zingg, Anke Angle, Eric Lee et al.

  • 20th Year Celebration Boogie Woogie Connection, Hamburg - Germany with Axel Zwingenberger, Vince Weber, Jo Bohnsack, Frank Muschalle et al.

  • Int. Boogie Woogie Festival, Kitzbüehl - Austria

  • Int. Boogie Woogie Festival Lugano – Switzerland

  • Blues & Boogie Show, Zurich – Switzerland. With Axel Zwingenberger and Lila Ammons

  • Private concerts in Denver, Colorado, and guest appearances in various casinos in Las Vegas, Nevada - USA


  • Int. Boogie Woogie Festival Lugano

  • Numerous private and public performances in Switzerland and abroad, with the Trio et al.


  • Swing Crash Festival – Como, Italy

  • Boogie Woogie Connection, Hamburg with Bob Seeley, Axel Zwingenberger, Gottfried Böttger et al.

  • Public and private concerts in USA, France, Luxembourg and Germany et al.

  • Int. Boogie Woogie Festival Kitzbüehl – Austria. With Christoph Steinbach et al.

  • Int. Boogie Woogie Festival Lugano (Recorded by BBC World)

  • Releases his first CD “Boogie Woogie Breakup”


  • Open-Air Port, warm-up act with Terry & The Hot Sox for Bill Haley‘s Original Comets

  • Int. Boogie Woogie Festival Fontmell Magna, England. With Julian Philips, Martjin Schock et al.

  • Int. Boogie Woogie Festival Lugano

  • First Boogie Woogie Night – Starnberg, Germany. With Martin Schmitt, Jean-Pierre Bertrand, Christoph Steinbach et al.


  • Chris plays at the biggest Boogie Woogie Festival in the World in Laroquebrou – France with Claude Bolling, Jean Paul Amouroux, Jean-Pierre Bertrand et al.

  • Int. Boogie Woogie Festival in Beavron en Auge – France with Martin Schmitt, Silvan Zingg et al.

  • Chris becomes a member of the band, Terry & The Hot Sox.

  • Int. Boogie Woogie Festival Lugano with Joja Wendt, Silvan Zingg et al.

  • Jazztage Pino Torinese – Turin, Italy, with Silvan Zingg

  • Various public and private performances in Switzerland and Germany. With Carl Sonny Leyland, Jean-Paul Amouroux, Silvan Zingg et al.

2004 - Laroquebrou
2006 - Hamburg
Prix Walo 2011
Gewinner Swiss Jazz Award 2013 - Chris Conz Trio
4. International Boogie Nights Uster
Chris Conz - Boogie Woogie, Blues and Jazz Piano - Switzerland



Chris Conz


Street: Breitigasse 1
ZIP: 8610 City: Uster


Phone: +41 79 753 96 94

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